First Impressions Are Important, Right?

Don't be like everybody else, Your entrance doesn't have to be plain and simple. Add some fun & personality to your front door and give a sneak peek to your guest on what they can expect inside.

You've likely seen this layered look popping up all over your Instagram feed without realizing it has become a bona fide trend. So here's a few things you need to know

1. Layering - use Lili Rey buffalo plaid rug as your base layer and then add a cute and fun door mat for the top layer.

2. Size - when it comes to layering ,size matters. you'll want to make sure when looking for a door mat to stay within the 18" x 30" standard size, it will fit perfectly with your Lili Rey plaid rug.

3. Quality - make sure to get a high quality water resistant coir mat that wont leave stains when wet.
4. Care - Just vacuum or shake to keep fresh, machine washable on delicate cycle, air dry to protect and extend the life of your plaid rug, no dryer no bleach.

You can't go wrong with any combo really. so go and have fun layering!!! and when you do, make sure to tag us on Instagram so we can see your cozy layered look.