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April 2014
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photo The most awesomest model ever!

My spot in the Catalyst : video NS 404

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All dolled up and ready to go? You betya! When the guys www.catalysttampa.com asked if I could stand in as an old sultry songstress ( that is definitily not my voice you’re hearing ) I couldn’t say no. Hair and make up done by Allie Merino and complete wardrobe from Wicked Threads… Fabulous results.


Commercial spot for Grow Financial

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One of the commercials I had the pleasure of being a featured extra in. You can find me in the last scene toasting with champagne flutes. Thank you Grow Financial!


Happy Days

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Enjoy the good times, document them and always look back while working forward.


At the Ochos Rios Sandals Resort

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Just as any good spokesmodel would I’m going to give you a tour of the Sandals resort we stayed at in Jamaica! Starting with our fabulous suite.


Commercial first aired in December 2010

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Video Shoot

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Check out a candid moment in the studio in between wardrobe changes for a commercial spot. Read More


The Trench

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When its time to reach for a jacket this winter opt for a trench. Length and color may vary. But men and women alike look fabulous. Read More


Portfolio Work

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A model, hairstylist, photographer, and photographer’s assistant all walked into a room. They’d never collaborated on a project before yet were able to bring their separate ideas and talents to the table.  This is called a TFP project, Time For Print. We all work together, unpaid,  hoping to create images that will enhance everyone’s portfolio. This is not always the case…but sometimes just sometimes everyone leaves the shoot ecstatic.

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A Monday in November

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There is something strange about having Mondays off… Everyone the night before will post on their Facebook how they dread the coming morning. People in passing lament that they must stay in, to prepare for the following day. I like to imagine they are slaying dragons and saving babies but it is usually just a case of the “Mondays” ! But not for me :)
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On my way to Malibu

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This past June I decided to take a three leg vacation. My second flight took me to LAX to see my awesome friend David Claxton, actor and model. It was an extremely mild summer and I found myself wanting to spend as much time outside as possible. David obliged me and off we went on a drive through the curvy Topanga Mountains on our way to the Pacific Coastal Highway. Down the street from the small town’s post office are two small shopping plazas where locals and tourists mingle about together getting  a bite to eat or appreciating local artists works.

Hidden off around the bend of the road is a unique vintage store aptly named Hidden Treasures . Suddenly we aren’t sure where we are or what year it is. And how about the guy that just walked in, could that be what’s his face?  I left with a beautiful hand beaded bag which cost less than $2.00 that never ceases to receive compliments. But before we left we shared a moment with a young bohemian couple going through the bargain bin. She was wearing a crown of fake flowers and when I found a dress that just so happened to match her crown perfectly I couldn’t help but stop and point it out. Her glee was so that she hugged and thanked me profusely while her boyfriend smiled and kicked his shoes at her excitement.
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